Chapter One – The Seed of a Dream

“Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.” -Abraham Joshua Herschel

I have always believed that there is power in words. I spoke some words to Mark last year and they became the seed of a dream we are now making a reality.

Moving into a city after living on four acres in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for a couple of decades was difficult for me. I began living in a neighborhood with other people right next to me and more across the street and other folks behind me. I was hemmed in on every side. It was suffocating! Now, these were very nice people. Mark had known them for years. But, they were RIGHT THERE! in my face at every turn. I was used to walking out into my yard and it was a place of quiet and peace and nature. In Portsmouth, my yard was a place of neighbors talking on speakerphones, lawnmowers revving at all hours, and airplanes flying overhead.

I was happy in my new home because it was where Mark was. I chose to move here when I said, “I do.” However, there was always a little niggling of yearning within me. I missed trees and big skies. I missed the whisper of the wind through the grass in the pasture. I missed vistas and bird chirps. I missed walking and living surrounded by nature.

And so I spoke these words, “Hey Mark, do you think maybe we could buy a couple of acres out in the country? We could clear it out in the middle and camp out there on the weekends and have a fire pit. We could take the grandkids out there. It would be cool if it had a little creek on it.”

Mark, of course was all for it because he’s all for anything I want. He’s that way.

And in that random, casual conversation, I planted a seed. In that wishful “do you think we could” statement, the beginning of our new life began.

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