We All Have an Agnes Within Us

My granddaughter is an amazing little soul.  She is quirky and funny and technologically savvy and talented in so many ways.  But… lurking deep within her, is her alter-ego, whom I christened “Agnes” when she was five years old.  Agnes sneaks out occasionally to throw a tantrum, or scream at her parents, or be rude. It still shocks us when Agnes appears because the good twin, Ainsley, is so calm and funny and loving.

So… I was thinking about that the other day and realized that we all have an Agnes within us.  We all have a “dark side” that we try to hide from others and ourselves.  This ”dark twin” bubbles up at times without warning and makes us act in ways that shock us.  We go to bed at night when our Agnes appears and shake our heads and think, “What in the world got into me?”

The Agnes within me keeps me humble and reminds me often of mercy and grace.  In the blink of an eye the good, kind, patient Julie can snap and become bad, rude, intolerant Janice.  And then I have to regroup, ask for forgiveness, and wake the next morning with a firm resolve that Julie, full of grace and God’s lovingkindness, will have a better day.

Ainsley’s Agnes is a reminder to her old grandma, that we all fall short. She reminds me to look with kindness and compassion on others around me when they are acting hateful and mean.  Because, really, everyone has an Agnes Day occasionally.

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