Pa’s Story vs. Ma’s Story

Since Mark and I became “farmers”” we jokingly refer to each other as Pa and Ma sometimes.  With these nicknames in place, we will sometimes blog about the same activity, event or project.  This will be a kind of Pa vs. Ma post.  We would love to hear your comments, from both male and female perspectives.

The Fallen Barn – Pa’s Story

(as first published on Facebook)

fallen barn.jpgI dismantled one of my tobacco barns that had fallen due to age and weather. A tornado blew through a few years ago and probably pushed it over. I removed the cross beams that were used to hang tobacco sticks from, that weren’t bug eaten or rotted. It took three days but it’s ready for a huge bonfire! I placed the 5v roofing around it as a fire break although the barn sits in a wetland area between a branch and the pond. If you look in the background you can see another identical barn. These things stand 25 x 25 x 25 so it’s no small task.

The Old Barn – Ma’s Story

Near the pond, lay the ruins of a tobacco barn that had collapsed because of age and/or weather.  This sunken pile of wood and metal nagged at Mark. He talked about it often for the first month after we moved to the farm.  I knew, because I know this man so well already, that the pile of beams, boards, and sheet metal was history.

One mild day in February, I returned home from school and noticed Mark’s Land Rover was not in the drive way.  I thought maybe he had gone out and about as he is prone to do.  When I drove farther down the driveway I saw the car parked near the old barn.  I noticed several downed trees pulled out of the morass as well as the barn halfway dismantled.fallen barn 2.jpgMark came walking up grinning. He explained how he was getting rid of the eyesore.  He explained how he climbed up a ladder and examined beams, cut wood, pulled off roofing, etc. I was shocked (upset) that he had done all this by himself. (What if he had fallen, what if he had cut himself, what if he had laid here for hours bleeding??!!) He was so proud. (I did this all by myself, not bad for an old guy, dang, that was a lot of work!!!) Shocked vs. proud…in a nutshell, this is us.

The next day I came home with the intention of helping Mark finish the job.  At the least I was going to hold the ladder for him as he sawed and chopped. But… you know the rest of the story already. It was a fait accompli! The old barn is now a pile of rubble awaiting our next visitors who want to experience a huge bonfire with us.fallen child 4.jpg


April 13, 2019IMG_0438.JPG

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